The SmartMotor™ and Combitronic Technology make the perfect pair.
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April 2016 Newsletter


SMI is used for communicating with SmartMotor servos and developing downloadable code and SMI includes many tools for diagnostics to improve:

  • Application Development Speed
  • Programming Efficiency
  • Smoother fieldbus integration

Learn more about SMI Interface.

Download SMI at no cost using the SMI Download button above and use the installation wizard to install SMI, SMIEngine™ and coordinated motion. 


Combitronic_Final_Master.jpg is a protocol that operates over a standard controller area network interface to help simplify multi-axis communications.

Unlike other protocols, combitronc requires no single dedicated master to operate. Each SmartMotor connected to the same network communicates on equal footing, sharing all information, and processing resources. Learn more.



High-end, high-speed processor for exceptional performanc. Easily access SmartMotor™ programmable autonomous control features in slave mode, which allows special user-programmed functions.

  • No switches or hubs required
  • Supports industrial ethernet
  • 1 milisecond data update rates

See how this intellegent motor can help with your project. 

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